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Waste Free Delivery

Exist delivers your favorite meals in reusable plastic-free stainless steel bento boxes. When you're done with your meal we pickup the containers, wash, and reuse.

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We partner with restaurants to provide a reusable alternative to single-use delivery and takeout containers. Easily order your next meal in one of our stainless-steel bento boxes. Choose from our restaurant partners in your favorite delivery app.  Select Exist Reusable in the Add-ons section for any menu item and get your favorite foods without the waste.



Our restaurant partners deliver your meals in our stainless steel bento boxes insulated from the elements with our reusable Jute bags. Every bento box is plastic free - no BPAs and stainless steel is 100% recyclable. Jute is a highly renewable resource and compostable.

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When you’ve finished with your meal please rinse out the containers, place them in their bags, and leave them outside your home where our drivers can see them. Scan the code on the containers or go to, enter your pickup address, and we will pick them up shortly. All containers and bags get professionally sanitized after every use and returned to a partner restaurant for reuse. 


Plastic-Free Reusable Bentos

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